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These reamers have given a night and day difference with their chip control. Thanks to all of you for following through and pushing delivery.

Rob E. – Autocam

Thank you again for all your help. And I also appreciate the quick turnaround you had in getting the new Elliott (tool) on here. Look forward to working with you in the future.

Mike K. - Industrial Distribution Group

Just as we guessed… the attention of the Diatool reamer working in the new Index machine… has given us a new opportunity.

James B. – Multi-Automatic Tool & Supply

Unbelievable!!!! Awesome surface finish and size. The customer should be very happy with the results, as we are. I look forward to continue to use this product line as it has not failed in any application we have used them in. Thanks again.

Marc K. – Signicast

You always do a great job shining! Love working with you guys!

Candace S. – Cline Tool

…thank you very much, outstanding customer service as always.

Tim D. – Sanders Tools & Supplies, a division of Blackhawk Ind.

I love working with Monaghan – great tools, fast response times, friendly team – what’s not to love?

Brock H. - Triumph Tool


Andrew H. - Abrasive Tool Company

Reaming is waaaaaaay better than boring!

Alex S. - Makino

Mike – well done! Your comprehensive e-mail to our customer has been passed along as a “Best Practice” or exemplary solution through their advanced engineering team. We appreciate this type of exemplary end user support that goes above and beyond adequacy. - John D. - Triumph Tool

John D - Triumph Tool